Monday, August 31, 2009

Where's the Lemon?

Very nice....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

At In-N-Out Burger, quality is everything.

Quality is everything

Recently i had the opportunity to experience In-N-Out twice in a span of two days. Since I know they emphasize food quality and pride themselves on following old-fashioned ways and sticking to high standards, i was fairly certain i wouldn't have to worry about HFCS.

The only question i had concerned the "special sauce." And maybe the milk shakes.

So, after I got home i decided to google to see if In-N-Out products contained HFCS. A while ago I researched their hamburger buns and found that they are baked fresh daily and no cause for concern. But I just couldn't find specifics about the "special sauce." So I wrote to them via their "contact us" link.

The reply came within a few hours but only included a phone number; HOWEVER, upon dialing, they answered after one ring and it...... was a real human who answered (no joke). Not a recording or machine with options or third party in Pakistan. AND they quickly listed their menu items containing HFCS: yes, the special sauce; and yes, the milkshakes; and also the lemonaid. But that's it!

So, bottom line: In-N-Out has a smaller ratio of menu items with HFCS than any other chain other than Jason's!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Death by Doughnut"

What exactly is the appeal of alliteration?

Alliterative headlines are catchy, memorable, rhythmic. Germanic languages may be more prone to employ alliteration than other language families. Would be interesting to survey headlines and taglines in non-Germanic languages to ascertain whether there were stylistic devices employed in the same manner based on some feature of the structure of the words.

The recent editorial published in the Bangor Daily News drew my attention due to its use of alliteration: "Death by Doughnut"

But then there was also: "Sticky Scaremongering vs. Sweet Science"

The author of "Sticky Scaremongering," whose primary purpose in writing this piece is to defend HFCS, cites the FDA's labeling of HFCS as "natural" and Marion Nestle's view that it's no different than table sugar. And while there may be mercury in HFCS, it's a tiny little amount. The author ends the write up with the following statement:

In the end: sugar is sugar. Whether it’s table sugar, corn sugar, brown sugar or honey, it can be part of a healthy diet.

Not that you asked, but my view is that all sides should be presented and consumers should be able to decide for themselves what they eat. Entitling the blog "Ban HFCS" may be misleading. It's true: I don't like HFCS; from what I've researched I see no positive value in HFCS from the consumer perspective. But in the best of all possible worlds, people wishing NOT to ingest HFCS (whether they suffer from Fructose Malabsorption and HFCS makes them ill OR whether it's from a political/nutritional standpoint) should be able to go to a restaurant and have some sense of what they can order and have some menu options available. And people should be able to express concerns about HFCS without being labeled "Scaremongerers." And while Dr. Jason Newsom, who worked at the Bay County Health Department in Panama City, FL, may have gone a bit far in his assault on fattening foods, should he have been fired for his play on the slogan “America Runs on Dunkin”: “America Dies on Dunkin”? [Please note that I am well aware that his being fired may have had greater complexity than was depicted in the "Death by Doughnut" editorial.]

In closing, the editorial "Death by Doughnut" pointed out some interesting points for comparison that i found thought-provoking:
We Americans are content to be lectured about how illegal drugs can kill us or ruin our lives (“Just say no!”), we accept scolding about our alcohol intake (“Drink responsibly”), agree solemnly with physicians who inform us that tobacco kills more each year than car crashes and even allow educators and other professionals to give us guidelines on how we enjoy sexual relations (“Practice safe sex”).

But spoil someone’s enjoyment of that morning dose of fried dough and sugar? You’re treading on some dangerous ground, pal.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just semantics?

Myth 3: High-fructose corn syrup causes weight gain.

Facts: Not so, say several studies. High-fructose corn syrup is not sweeter than sugar, and it doesn't trick you into eating more calorie-rich foods. Last year the AMA said, "There is no proof that high-fructose corn syrup causes obesity."

We should limit our sugar intake to 32 grams or about 7 teaspoons per day for all sugary rich foods and beverages, including high-fructose corn syrup, granulated sugar and brown sugar.

According to this Tampa Tribune article, it is simply a myth that HFCS causes obesity. As you may note, they cite the American Medical Association as the authority backing this statement. According to the AMA: "There is no proof that high-fructose corn syrup causes obesity." What i find interesting about that statement is the specific wording. The word "cause" in this sense implies that HFCS exists, it is consumed and if obesity results it is not the fault of HFCS. The agency may be an issue? Or is the subtext that HFCS, while it may be a contributing factor, is not the sole cause of obesity. This statement from the AMA, cited also with great alacrity by the CRA (; gotta love that website name...) is not exactly a ringing endorsement of HFCS.

If you actually check the AMA's site for the source of this quote, you will find it contained in the "Report 3 of the Council on Science and Public Health (A-08) The Health Effects of High Fructose Syrup"

Here's what they actually said:
Conclusions. Because the composition of HFCS and sucrose are so similar, particularly on absorption by the body, it appears unlikely that HFCS contributes more to obesity or other conditions than sucrose.
Again, that's not really a ringing endorsement. They are saying that a diet high in sucrose is probably just as likely as a diet high in HFCS to lead to obesity. That's like saying: Because Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme are so similar in composition, it appears unlikely that Dunkin Donuts contributes more to obesity or other conditions than Krispy Kreme.

Moreover, they hit on a major issue where more research needs to be done: the adverse health effects of sweetners containing fructose "are not well established." Um why not? Fructose is not new. And a large percentage of the population (both in this country and Europe, perhaps elsewhere too) has trouble digesting it. And sucrose is not the same as fructose, neither in composition nor in the way the body digests it. And depending on which HFCS you're talking about, the content of fructose varies tremendously.

However, the adverse health effects of HFCS, beyond those of other caloric sweeteners, most of which contain fructose, are not well established. Consumption of added caloric sweeteners in general has increased over the last 30 years, as has total calories.

The following statements, recommended by the Council on Science and Public Health, were adopted by the AMA House of Delegates as AMA directives at the 2008 AMA Annual Meeting:

  1. lThe AMA recognizes that at the present time, insufficient evidence exists to specifically restrict use of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or other fructose-containing sweeteners in the food supply or to require the use of warning labels on products containing HFCS. (Directive)
  2. The AMA encourages independent research (including epidemiological studies) on the health effects of HFCS and other sweeteners, and evaluation of the mechanism of action and relationship between fructose dose and response. (Directive)
  3. The AMA, in concert with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, recommends that consumers limit the amount of added caloric sweeteners in their diet. (Directive)

Just one more simple question: why does almost all processed food contain HFCS? Even things that aren't particularly sweet, such as bread and salad dressings and steak sauce. Many of them contain a higher quantity of HFCS than they ever contained of sugar (in the days prior to HFCS being ubiquitous). That means an increase in calories. And an increase in the average person's intake of fructose...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sugar Shortage??? NOOOOOOOOO!

Sugar prices on the rise? WHY?
Rainfall shortages -or excess!, weak dollar, and high demand.... oh and don't forget the price supports and tariffs in place as a result of the efforts of lobbying groups.
One solution is to use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS); as the price of sugar rises, the compound becomes comparatively cheaper and thus more attractive to food manufacturers. However, as more customers become aware of the health dangers associated with HFCS, many food companies are shying away from it. In fact, even the soft drink industry -- long a bastion of HFCS -- has begun experimenting with new sugar-sweetened sodas. (source for the above quote)

If there is a shortage, and the government won't lower tariffs, I would expect to see even more widespread use of high fructose corn syrup if sugar prices stay high. Corn prices have not increased nearly as dramatically as sugar over the past few years. Here's a chart of corn futures from (source for the second quote)

So, what does the future hold? Even more HFCS?

Some people believe it all comes back to lobbyists and bipartisan politics...

No one in the position to change the tariffs and price supports that contribute to the high price of sugar (and thereby make HFCS even more attractive to the food industry) is concerned with health issues.... it appears to be all about maintaining the support of powerful lobbyists...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deleterious effects of fructose?

I am seeing some reports that HFCS, while not great or truly "natural," may partly be a problem due to the fructose; according to some sources, even naturally occurring fructose has deleterious effects due to the way the body digests it (whether one has Fructose Malabsorption or not.)

See, for example:
The ingredient in fizzy drinks causing the damage is fructose, which is highly absorbable in the liver. It does not affect insulin production and goes straight to the liver where it is converted to fat.

More related stories:

A high fructose diet impairs spatial memory in male rats.

Fructose and weight gain has gotten a lot of press:

So, wait, an apple a day (pretty high in fructose...) might not actually keep the doctor away?

hahaha there may even be a link between borborygmi and fructose!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What motivates me to read labels?

HFCS has been in the news off and on for at least the last few years. Some studies suggest a link between HFCS and the increase in obesity; other studies state that it's a factor in the large numbers of diabetes cases; some authors suggest that HFCS may contain a dangerously high concentration of mercury. The list goes on. And the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), a DC lobbying group,, has been fighting every one of those claims. Just as an example, in June 2008, CRA launched a PR campaign that reportedly will cost $20 to $30 million over the next 18 months.

Well, here's a claim i'd love to see CRA try to fight:

HFCS makes people who suffer from Fructose Malabsorption experience intestinal distress.

Well good lord, who ever heard of that? Fructose Mala-what? According to medical literature on this condition, about 36 percent of Western Europeans have this condition; half of that 36 percent experience symptoms. Other reports likewise link it to the Western and Central European gene pool and say that Americans whose families come from that area of the continent have a greater chance to have this condition. So, while exact numbers are not known, it is certainly not a very rare food "allergy" (technically, malabsorption just refers to the fact that you cannot properly digest something and it causes issues in your intestines. So it's not really an allergy.)

Here's how one medical journal describes the symptoms of Fructose Malabsorption:

Bloating, abdominal discomfort, and sometimes osmotic diarrhea are induced by the degradation products produced by the colonic bacteria.
Decreased Serum Zinc in Fructose Malabsorbers, Maximilian Ledochowski,1* Bernhard Widner,2 Christian Murr,2 and Dietmar Fuchs2 (1 Department of Clinical Nutrition and 2 Institute of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Innsbruck, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria; Clinical Chemistry 47, No. 4, 2001

In my case, the first symptom is that my saliva seems to thicken and taste almost metallic. Then i notice abdominal bloating and i begin to have some trouble breathing; i also may experience this painful gasping/muscle spasm from somewhere in my upper abdomen. The saliva production seems to have gone into hyperdrive by this stage and it's almost as though i can't keep it down. My entire abdomen is by this point bloated and quite painful. The constipation/diarrhea (sources say both may occur depending on the patient) is not so much an issue for me (i just don't really experience that symptom as much as some people do apparently.) The duration of the discomfort would go on for at least 4 to 8 hours typically, with lingering effects for the next day or so.

Before i knew what i was experiencing, i tried just about everything. I thought it might be heartburn so i tried pepcid, pepto bismal, etc. I tried those chalky little white tablets (what are those called?) , i tried drinking tons of water because maybe it was dehydration; i even tried drinking tons of fruit juice because what could be healthier than that?

I also saw doctors. "Sounds like you have a food allergy," they would say. "Come in next time you have an episode." Well, they usually happened outside of office hours...

Years later (i would say I first experienced these symptoms in the mid 1980s, with episodes at least four or five times a month or so, sometimes with lingering effects into the next day), someone was talking to me about HFCS. So, i thought "Corn syrup? what could be wrong with that?" I started to read up on this allegedly evil substance. I came across a description of Fructose Malabsorption and it was like a big bell started ringing. Oh my God, i finally knew what was causing me such discomfort!

The next process was somewhat lengthy: what foods do i now avoid? I talked to my doctor and we talked about how this would effect my diet. Basically, i did four things:

  • Cut down on naturally-occurring fructose
  • Tried to eliminate HFCS from my diet
  • Tried to figure out what I could eat when I am going to a restaurant and don't know the ingredients
  • Tried to watch my intake of sorbitol and cut out xylitol (they apparently play a role in how the body digests fructose and make it even more difficult)

So, there have been some tweaks as i refine my diet and learn what i can eat, but....

..... I have not been ill in quite a while! I went from being ill anywhere from 4 to 10 times a month to an incredible once or twice a year! (when, for example, i happen to eat at a restaurant and have some HFCS in something with out knowing it.)

If HFCS is in everything, how does one eliminate it from one's diet? Reading labels is a big first step. You start to know which product lines use HFCS. Shop the perimeter and avoid food with a long shelf life. Shop at places like Trader Joe's (i think i've only found one product there with HFCS--some kind of Beef Jerky.) Try to eat at restaurants where they focus on fresh ingredients. Avoid salad dressing and condiments and syrup if you're not sure what brand it is. Drink diet sodas (or none at all. Now there's even Pepsi Throwback with natural can sugar.) Since most processed breads have HFCS, avoid sandwiches when eating out unless they bake their own bread. The net effect is actually a good thing. You end up eating foods that have fewer chemicals in them and ingredients you can make sense of. You become a lot more conscious of what you're eating. Overall i would say i feel much better and healthier now.

Edit: It may be the fructose that's the major culprit even for people who don't suffer from Fructose Malabsorption:

Picture source:

According to one source, 40 percent of Americans have Fructose Malabsorption, half of whom experience symptoms.

Found an incredibly informative report called "Clinical Ramifications of Malabsorption of Fructose and Other Short-chain Carbohydrates." Very informative about how fructose affects people with "FM" and other IBS issues.

The ability of the human small intestine to absorb
fructose is limited, especially when compared with the
rapidity and completeness of glucose absorption.
Thus, when 50 g fructose is ingested without other
food, up to 80% of people will incompletely absorb the
fructose, as demonstrated by breath hydrogen testing
(9–12). Absorption is enhanced by co-ingestion with
glucose, since glucose uptake stimulates additional
transport pathways for fructose absorption in the small
intestinal epithelial cell. Because of this, the fructose
released from the hydrolysis of sucrose is generally
completely absorbed.

The Complete List!

The following post will grow over time. The goal is to present a list of the items known to have HFCS as an ingredient. I am grateful to
the Accidental Hedonist and
Fast Food Facts
for their efforts. I hope they do not mind if i build on their existing lists. In order to make it abundantly clear how much work those two have put into the lists, i will leave their original entries italicized.

Please note: This list is a work in progress. Please add to it if there are things I missed!

Starting with the Accidental Hedonist's list

Baking and Cooking ingredients

Kellogg's® Corn Flake Crumbs
Nabisco Oreo Cookie Crumbs
Shake n Bake - Tangy Honey Glaze
Shake n Bake - Honey Mustard Glaze
Stove Top Stuffing - Chicken
Stove Top Stuffing - Cornbread
Stove Top Stuffing - Homestyle Herb
Stove Top Stuffing - Pork
Stove Top Stuffing - Turkey


A&W Root Beer
Capri-Sun Iced Tea
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Fruit Punch
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Grape
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Lemonade
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Mountain Cooler
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Orange
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Pacific Cooler
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Red Berry
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Splash Cooler
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Strawberry
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Strawberry/Kiwi
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Surfer Cooler
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Tropical Punch
Capri-Sun Juice Drink - Wild Cherry
Capri-Sun Refreshers - Orange Dragonfruit
Capri-Sun Refreshers - Rasberry Passionfruit
Capri-Sun Refreshers - Strawberry/Kiwi
Capri-Sun Refreshers - Tropical Fruit
Capri-Sun Sport Drink - Berry Ice
Capri-Sun Sport Drink - Clear Cherry Chill
Capri-Sun Sport Drink - Light Speed Lemon Lime
Capri-Sun Sport Drink - Orange Edge
Capri-Sun Sport Drink - Thunder Punch
Darigold Chocolate Milk
Hanson's All-Natural Soda (all flavors)
Hanson's Tonic Water
Jones Soda
Newman's Own Pink Lemonade
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
Snapple -Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink
Starbucks' Frappuccino
Thomas Kemper Soda's
Tropicana OrangeAde
Tropicana Smoothies
Village Lemonade


Brownberry Breads
Pepperidge Farm's line of 100% whole grain breads
Sara Lee Heart Healthy Whole Grain Bread.
Thomas English Muffins

Breakfast Cereals

Kellogg's Frosted Rice Krispies®
Kellogg's Tony's Cinnamon Krunchers
Kellogg's Corn Flakes®
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®
Kellogg's Smorz®
Kellogg's Special K® Red Berries
Kellogg's All-Bran® Bran Buds®
Kellogg's All-Bran® Extra Fiber
Kellogg's All-Bran® Original
Kellogg's Apple Jacks®
Kellogg's Cinnamon Crunch Crispix
Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies®
Kellogg's Complete® Oat Bran Flakes
Kellogg's Complete® Wheat Bran Flakes
Kellogg's Fruit Harvest ® Strawberry Blueberry
Kellogg's Honey Crunch Corn Flakes®
Kellogg's Kellogg's Crunchy Blends® Just Right ® Fruit & Nut
Kellogg's Kellogg's Crunchy Blends® Low Fat Granola without Raisins
Kellogg's Kellogg's Crunchy Blends® Low Fat Granola With Raisins
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats® Frosted Bite Size
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats® Frosted Original
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats® Strawberry
Kellogg's Crunchy Blends® Mueslix ® with Raisins, Dates & Almonds
Kellogg's Product ®
Kellogg's Raisin Bran ®
Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch ®
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats® Cereal
Kellogg's Rice Krispies®
Kellogg's Smart Start® Antioxidants
Kellogg's Smart Start® Soy Protein
Kellogg's Special K®
Kellogg's Special K® Vanilla Almond
Kellogg's Fruit Harvest® Peach Strawberry
Kellogg's SpongeBob SquarePants® Cereal
Kellogg's Corn Flakes ® with Real Bananas
Kellogg's Spider-man ® Spidey-Berry Cereal
Kellogg's Kellogg's Frosted Flakes ® 1/3 Less Sugar
Kellogg's Special K ® low carb lifestyle
Kellogg's Fruit Harvest ® Banana Berry
Kellogg's Disney Pixar Finding Nemo® Cereal
Kellogg's All-Bran®Bars Honey Oat
Kellogg's All-Bran ® Bars Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Kellogg's Disney Pixar The Incredibles®
Kellogg's Tiger Power ®
Kellogg's Smart Start® Healthy Heart
Kellogg's Disney Lilo & Stitch®
Kellogg's Special K® Fruit & Yogurt
Kellogg's Mini Swirlz® Fudge Ripple
Kellogg's Toasted Honey Crunch®
Kellogg's Cran-Vanilla Crunch®
Post Blueberry Morning Cereal

General Mills, Cereal, Trix
General Mills, Cereal, Kix
Kellogg’s, Cereal, Smart Start (all varieties)
Post, Honey Bunches of Oats with Peaches Cereal
Quaker, Ohs Honey Graham Cereal

Breakfast Pastries

Eggo® Pancakes Buttermilk
Eggo® Waf-Fulls® Blueberry
Eggo® Waf-Fulls® Strawberry

Candy Bars:

Hershey's Watchamacallit
Lifesavers - Butter Rum
Lifesavers - Chill-o-mints
Lifesavers - Cryst-o-mint
Lifesavers - Five Flavor Value Pack
Lifesavers - Hard Candy Sours
Lifesavers - Sours
Lifesavers - Tropical Fruits
Lifesavers - Wild Berries
Lifesavers - Wild Cherry
Optimum Opti-Pro Meal Lite Bar

Reese's Nutrageous Candy Bar
Reese's Caramel Peanut Butter Cups
Nestle Baby Ruth
Hershey's Take 5 Candy bar


Heinz 57 Sauce
Heinz Ketchup
Hunt's Catsup
Miracle Whip

Cookies and Cakes:

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats® Squares Caramel Chocolatey Chunk
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats® Squares Original
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats® Squares Rainbow
Kellogg's Cereal & Milk Bars Frosted Flakes®
Kellogg's Cereal & Milk Bars Cocoa Krispies®
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Hot Fudge Sundae
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Spider-manâ„¢ Spidey-Berry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Apple Cinnamon
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Blueberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Chocolate Chip
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Blueberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Cherry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Chocolate Fudge
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Chocolate Vanilla Creme
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Grape
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Raspberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted S'Mores
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Strawberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Wild Berry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Low Fat Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Star Warsâ„¢ Frosted Lava Berry Explosion
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Caramel Chocolate
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Frosted Cookies & Creme
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Cinnamon Roll
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Low Fat Frosted Chocolate Fudge
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Low Fat Frosted Strawberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Strawberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Yogurt Blasts Blueberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Yogurt Blasts Strawberry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® French Toast
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® SpongeBob SquarePants® Wild Bubble-Berry
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts® The Incredibles Incrediberry Blast
Nabisco Barnum's Animal Crackers
Nabsico Chips Ahoy
Nabisco Fig Newtons
Nabisco Fig Newtons - Fat Free
Nabisco Fig Newtons - Whole Grain
Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers
Nabisco Lorna Dornes
Nabisco Nilla Wafers
Nabisco Nutter Butter
Nabisco Mallomars
Nabisco Oreo Cookies
Nabisco Snackwells - Creme Sandwich
Nabisco Teddy Grahams
Nutri-Grain Twists® Apple Cobbler
Nutri-Grain Twists® Cappuccino & Creme
Nutri-Grain Twists® Strawberry Cheesecake
Nutri-Grain® Muffin Bars Banana
Nutri-Grain® Muffin Bars Cinnamon Raisin
Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars Apple Cinnamon
Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars Blueberry
Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars Cherry
Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars Mixed Berry
Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars Raspberry
Nutri-Grain® Cereal Bars Strawberry
Nutri-Grain® Chewy Granola Bars Honey Oat & Raisin
Nutri-Grain® Chewy Granola Bars Chocolatey Chunk
Nutri-Grain® Chewy Granola Bites Chocolatey Chip
Nutri-Grain® Minis Yogurt Icing Blueberry
Nutri-Grain® Minis Yogurt Icing Strawberry
Nutri-Grain® Yogurt Bars Strawberry Yogurt
Nutri-Grain® Yogurt Bars Vanilla Yogurt
Nutri-Grain® Muffin Bars Blueberry
Nutri-Grain® Chewy Granola Bites Caramel Nut Crunch
Grandma's Homestyle Peanut Butter Cookies

Caribou Coffee, Mint Condition Granola Bars
Caribou Coffee, Caramel High Rise Condition Granola Bars
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Milk ’n Cereal Bars, Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Entenmanns’s, Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Cinnamon Brown Sugar
Quaker, Oatmeal Brown Sugar Cinnamon Breakfast Squares
Quaker, Oatmeal Raspberry Streusel Breakfast Squares
Quaker, Iced Strawberry Fruit & Oatmeal Bites
Quaker, Cereal Bars Fruit & Oatmeal Bites Apple Crisp
Quaker, Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookie
Quaker, Oatmeal to Go, Breakfast Bars, Oatmeal Raisin
Quaker, Breakfast Cookies Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies
Quaker, Baked Banana Muffin Bars

Cough Syrups:

Delsym 12 Hour Cough Suppressant for Children, Orange
Delsym 12 Hour Cough Suppressant, Orange
Delsym Cough Suppressant
Children's Dimetapp Decongestant Infant Drops
Children's Dimetapp Decongestant Plus Cough Infant Drops
Robitussin Infant Cough DM
Robitussin Infant Cough & Cold CF
Robitussin DM Cough Relief Infant Drops, Fruit Punch
Robitussin Pediatric Cough & Cold Formula
Robitussin Pediatric Cough Long-Acting
Robitussin Pediatric Cough & Cold Long-Acting
Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough & Cold
Robitussin Head & Chest Congestion PE
Robitussin Cough DM
Robitussin PE Nasal Decongestant and Expectorant
Robitussin Cough, Cold & Flu Nighttime
Robitussin Chest Congestion Guaifenesin Syrup, USP
Robitussin Cough & Congestion
Robitussin Cough Long-Acting
Robitussin Honey Cough Natural Cough Drops, Honey Center
Vicks NyQuil multi-symptom - original
Vicks NyQuil multi-symptom - cherry
Vicks NyQuil Cough
Vicks Formula 44 Cough
Vicks Formula 44 Expectorant
Vicks Formula 44 Decongestant
Vicks Formula 44 Mult-symptom
Pediatric Vicks 44E Cough & Congestion
Pediatric Vicks 44M Cough & Cold
Vicks Casero


Kraft Cheese Nips
Nabisco Harvest Crisps - Wheat Thins 5 Grain
Nabisco Ritz Bits - Peanut Butter
Nabisco Ritz Bits - Graham Cracker S'mores
Nabisco Ritz Chips - Cheddar - Oven-Toasted Crunch
Nabisco Ritz Crackers
Nabisco Ritz Crackers - Low Sodium
Nabisco Sociables
Nabisco Wheat Thins
Nabisco Wheat Thins - Baked
Nabisco Wheat Thins - Low Sodium
Nabisco Wheat Thins - Multi-Grain
Nabisco Wheat Thins - Ranch
Nabisco Wheat Thins - Reduced Fat


Breakstones Cottage Cheese & Toppings - Peach
Breakstones Cottage Cheese & Toppings - Pineapple
Breyer's Yogurt -Fruit on the Bottom - Strawberry Lowfat
Cool Whip
Cool Whip - Extra-Creamy
Cool Whip - Lite
Knudsen - Cottage Double (Peach)
Knudsen - Cottage Double (Pineapple)
Knudsen - Cottage Double (Strawberry)
Yoplait Yogurts

Drink Mixers:
Saratoga Salsa Bloody Mare Mix (spelling is correct)
El Paso Chili Key Lime Margarita Mix

Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix

Frozen Foods:

Fruits and Vegetables:

B&M Original Baked Beans
Contadina Tomato Paste
Claussen Pickles - Bread and Butter Chips
Claussen Pickles - Kosher Dill Burger Slices
Claussen Pickles - Sweet Gherkins
Claussen Pickle Relish
Del Monte canned petite diced tomatoes with italian seasonings
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Red Grapefruit
Heinz Pickle Relish
Mott's Applesauce
Mt. Olive Sweet Relish
Mt. Olive Bread and Butter Pickles
Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Ice Creams

Ben & Jerry's - Chubby Hubby (HFCS and Transfat!) - Should we call it Very Chubby Hubby?
Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia
Ben & Jerry's - Neapolitan Dynamite
Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Body & Soul
Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Low Fat Frozen Yogurt Pints
Ben & Jerry's - Cherry Garcia Original Ice Cream Singles
Dreyer's - Girl Scouts Samoas Cookie Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Almond Praline Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Cherry Chocolate Chip Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Cherry Vanilla Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Cookies 'N Cream Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Dulce de Leche Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Nestle Toll House Cookie Swirl Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Spumoni Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Toffee Bar Crunch Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Turtle Sundae Grand Ice Cream
Dreyer's - Ultimate Caramel Cup Grand Ice Cream

Jams, Jellies, and Syrups

Eggo® Syrup Original Syrup
Eggo® Syrup Buttery Syrup
Eggo® Syrup Lite Syrup
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
Knott's Boysenberry preserves
Smucker's Grape Jelly


Oscar Meyer Pickle and Pimento Loaf


Nabisco Nilla Wafer Pie Crust
Nabisco Oreo Pie Crust
Jello No-Bake - Chips Ahoy
Jello No-Bake - Oreo
Pepperidge Farm's Puff Pastry sheets

Salad Dressings:

Emeril's Italian Vinegrette
Kraft Salad Dressing - Light done Right Creamy French
Kraft Salad Dressing - Thousand Island Fat Free
Maple Grove Farms Caesar Fat Free
Miracle Whip Salad Dressing
Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Hot n Spicy
Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Light
Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Light Super Easy Squeeze
Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Non-fat
Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - Super Easy Squeeze
Wishbone Ranch Dressing
Wish-Bone Classic Caesar


A1 Steak Sauce Marinade - Cajun
A1 Steak Sauce Marinade - Chicago
A1 Steak Sauce Marinade - Teriyaki
Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce
Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Honey Smoke
Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Smokehouse Hickory
Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Sweet Hickory Smoke
Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - Texas Style Mesquite
Crazy Jerry's Alotta Bull BBQ Sauce - Torrid Toro (Hot
Holy Smoke - Sticky Wings Glaze
Holy Smoke - Bar B Q Glaze
Jim Beam Steak Sauce
Jim Beam Herb & Garlic Gourmet Marinade
Jim Beam Lemon & Herb Gourmet Marinade
Kraft Barbecue Sauce
Penn State Nittany Lions Lime Grilling Sauce
Pork Rubbers Original Competition BBQ Sauce
Tuttorosso Marinara
Tuttorosso Three Cheese
Tuttorosso Traditional
Tuttorosso Flavored With Meat
Tuttorosso Mushroom
Tuttorosso Tomato & Basil
Tuttorosso Tomato, Olive & Garlic
Virginia Gentleman Bourbon BBQ Sauce

KC Masterpiece, Hickory Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce
KC Masterpiece, Barbeque Sauce Original
KC Masterpiece, Barbeque Sauce, Spicy Original
KC Masterpiece, Honey Smoke Barbeque Sauce
KC Masterpiece, Mesquite Barbeque Sauce
Budweiser, Beechwood Smoked Barbeque Sauce
Budweiser, Original Barbeque Sauce
Emeril‘s, Bam! B-Q Barbeque Sauce, Sweet Original
Emeril‘s, Bam Kicked Up Barbeque Sauce
Kraft, Hickory Smoke Barbeque Sauce
Kraft, Honey Roasted Garlic Barbeque Sauce
Kraft, Mesquite Smoke Barbeque Sauce
Kraft, Plain Barbeque Sauce
Kraft, Spicy Honey Barbeque Sauce
Tony Roma’s, Barbeque Sauce, Carolina Honey
Tony Roma’s, Barbeque Sauce, Original


Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Strawberry Cheesecake Bar
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chocolate covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bar
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - All Star Burgers
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - All-star Hot Dogs
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Chicken Dunks
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Chicken Strips
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Cracker Stackers
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Nachos
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Peanut Butter Pile-ups
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Dunks
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Pile-ups
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Stix
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Pizza Swirls
Oscar Mayer Lunchables - Tacos

Campbells Vegatable soup (in microwaveable bowl)


Starting with the list developed by Fast Food Facts:

Fast food and other restaurant chains:

Fat Free Italian Dressing 
Honey Wheat Bread
Light Balsamic Vinaigrette
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Santa Fe Ranch Dressing
Spicy Brown Honey Mustard

Blue Cheese Dressing
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
Cinnamon Roll
Fat Free Italian Dressing
Fudge Brownie
Honey French Dressing
Marbled Rye Roll
Mustard Potato Salad
Potato Salad
Sweet Peppers
Thousand Island Dressing

Burger King
Breakfast Syrup
Buffalo Sauce
Chocolate Shake Syrup
Coca Cola Classic
Corn Dusted Buns
Croissant (Croissan'wich)
Dr Pepper
Dutch Apple Pie
Hershey'S Sundae Pie
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Honey Mustard Spread
Icee - Coca Cola Classic
Icee - Minute Maid Cherry
Milk Shake
Milk, 1% Lowfat Chocolate
Mott's Strawberry Flavored Applesauce
Sesame Seed Buns
Specialty Buns
Steak Sauce
Strawberry Shake Syrup
Tartar Sauce

Barbecue Sauce
Blue Cheese Dressing
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
Carrot & Raisin Salad
Carrot & Raisin Salad
Chicken Salad Cup
Chick-fil-A Southwest Chargrilled Salad
Chocolate syrup ingredients
Dr Pepper
Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing
Fudge Nut Brownie
Garlic and Butter Croutons
Honey Mustard Sauce
Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce
Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels
Polynesian Sauce
Reduced Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette
Sunflower Multigrain Bagel
Thousand Island Dressing
Yeast rolls

Dairy Queen
Chocolate Cold Fudge

Jack in the Box
Asian Sesame Dressing
Barbecue Dipping Sauce
Barq's Root Beer
Bittersweet Chocolate Syrup
Blueberry French Toast Sticks
Chocolate Syrup
Croutons, Gourmet Seasoned
Dr. Pepper
Fanta Orange Syrup
Fanta Strawberry
Grape Jelly
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Log Cabin Syrup
Low Fat Balsamic Dressing
Mayo-Onion Sauce
Minute Maid Lemonade
Oreo Cookie Crumbs
Original French Toast Sticks
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Secret Sauce
Sourdough Bread, Grilled
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry/Banana Syrup
Sweet 'N Sour Dipping Sauce
Tartar Sauce

Potato Salad
Apple Pie Slice
Cherry Cheesecake Parfait
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lil' Bucket Chocolate Crème
Lil' Bucket Fudge Brownie
Lil' Bucket Lemon Crème
Lil' Bucket Strawberry Short Cake
Strawberry Crème Pie Slice
Apple Pie Mini's
Mott's Apple Sauce

1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk Jug
Baked Apple Pie
Barbeque Sauce
Big Mac Bun
Big Mac Sauce
Butter Garlic Croutons
Chocolate Triple Thick Shake
Coca-Cola Classic
Deluxe Warm Cinnamon Roll
English Muffin
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst
Honey Wheat Roll
Hot Caramel Sundae
Hot Mustard Sauce
Low Fat Caramel Dip (for Apple Dippers)
McDonaldland Cookies
McFlurry with Oreo Cookies
Newman's Own Cobb Dressing
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
POWERade Mountain Blast
Regular Bun
Sesame Seed Bun
Southwestern Chipotle Barbeque Sauce
Strawberry Sundae
Strawberry Triple Thick Shake
Sweet 'N Sour Sauce
Mocha beverage
Panera's Signature Sauce
Cinnamon Raisin Loaf
Nine Grain Loaf
Reduced Sugar Sesame Vinaigrette Dressing
Low-Fat Chicken Tortilla Soup
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup
Panera Lemonade

Chicken Strips, Teriyaki Glazed
Chipotle Soutwest Sauce
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Deli Style Roll
Fat Free Honey Mustard
Peanut Butter
Sourdough Bread
Wheat Bread

Taco Bell
Caramel Apple Empanada
Citrus Salsa
Pizza Sauce


All Frosties except for the original chocolate
The bread they use for their buns


Apple Turnover, Fried
Bread, Texas Toast Enriched
Buns, Wheat
Buns, White
Crackers, Keebler Original Club
Croutons, Njoy Seasoned
Dressing, Low Fat Ranch
Dressing, Low Fat Vinaigrette
Dressing, Thousand Island
Jam, Strawberry
Jelly, Grape
Milkshake, Malt Syrup
Milkshake, Chocolate
Milkshake, Strawberry
Pancake Syrup
Salad Dressing
Syrup, Cherry Coke Fountain
Syrup, Coca-Cola Classic Fountain
Syrup, Dr Pepper Fountain
Syrup, Fanta Strawberry Fountain
Syrup, Barq’s Root Beer Fountain
Syrup, Minute Maid Lemonade Fountain
Syrup, Minute Maid Orange Soda Fountain
Syrup, POWERaDE Fruit Punch Fountain
Syrup, Sprite Fountain
Tartar Sauce

HFCS: The enzymatic process

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a sugar substitute found in most soft drinks, processed foods, store-bought sauces, salad dressings, canned foods, breads, cereals, cookies, cakes, pies, and almost all condiments. From a manufacturer's perspective, using HFCS is, for a variety of reasons, a means to cut costs. In comparison with sugar and other sweeteners, HFCS is cheaper to use and enhances the shelf life of products.

High-fructose corn syrup is produced by using an enzyme, glucose isomerase, to convert some amount of the glucose in corn syrup into fructose. Some sources mention only the developments that took place in the U.S. that led to the creation of HFCS, but the Japanese were the first to convert glucose to fructose.

There are three basic types of HFCS that have varying ratios of fructose to glucose:

  • HFCS-42 is a compound consisting of 42 percent fructose and 53 percent glucose
  • HFCS-55 is a compound consisting of 55 percent fructose and 41 percent glucose
  • HFCS-90 is a compound consisting of 90 percent fructose and 5 percent glucose

The chemical process is explained in greater detail under the following urls:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Basic sources of information on HFCS

"Amber waves of grain ... and miles of subsidized cornfield.",_Drink_and_Nutrition/Food_Additives/Sugar_Substitutes/High_Fructose_Corn_Syrup/

"High-fructose corn syrup is easily more popular than sucrose on fast-food menus. Why? Price and preservation."

Added 15 August: This write up from Jennifer Garcia at UC Davis is a great discussion of the HFCS controversy, a balanced overview of the positions.

Recent news stories on HFCS:

Fun Facts About Your Food: An introduction to this blog

This blog will explore what foods (both those from grocery stores and restaurants) contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). In so doing, I will assemble a list of products containing HFCS, provide links to related articles, and also develop a list of restaurants and food lines that abstain from using this product.

I am not an experienced blogger; my interest in blogging stems from the fact that i get sick when i eat products with HFCS. HFCS has gotten a lot of press lately (both those who demonize it and those who lobby for it); i don't have an academic background that would enable me to judge whether HFCS contributes to obesity or diabetes or other ailments. All i know is that when I eat HFCS i get ill (in two words: intestinal distress). I likely have a case of fructose malabsorption. If i don't eat foods with HFCS, i don't get ill.

For those people who, like me, want to avoid HFCS, i will catalog the foods to avoid and also announce what lines are safe.

Very exciting stuff!