Monday, September 5, 2011

"Food people"

I've never been to Cabo Bob's, but if i'm ever in Austin, Texas,  it would be my first stop.  Cabo Bob's was recently featured in an article on Restaurants Going High Fructose Corn Syrup Free.  "Owner Don Brinkman loved Dublin Dr. Pepper, a cane sugar version of the original and decided to bring in Dublin’s other sugar-based sodas, Sun Crest Orange, Triple XXX, NuGrape and Big Red, mostly for the nostalgia factor. Once he had an HFCS-free soda fountain, he says, it just made sense to create an HFCS-free menu, too. He did it by making tortillas, salsa and barbecue sauce—which often contain HFCS—from scratch."

Cabo Bob's site includes a Q&A about their food:  "High Fructose Corn Syrup is not allowed in the restaurant, period."

For that article, Pat Herring, R & D Director for Texas-based, Jason’s Deli, was also interviewed.  "It’s all about taste he says. They’ve found that HFCS-free and organic foods just taste better. Does Herring think that when a pipe-fitter or welder comes into his restaurant he cares that it’s organic? “[']He may not, but he’ll enjoy the food. We’re not politicians,[']” he says. “[']We’re just food people.[']”

Wouldn't it be nice if more food establishments were run by "food people"?

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  1. Thank goodness that more restaurants are getting rid of HFCS, so that people can eat healthier.
    To Audrae Erickson, corn refiner lobbyist: How much of that artificial red drink (from your corn refiners commercials) do you personally drink and give to your children?

    Afterall, you did recommend it to your fellow Americans in those commercials, and indicated that parents who question such ingredients are "stupid." So we have a right to know how much of that artificial red drink you personally consume--in moderation, of course.

    Thanks so much for this site. "Ban HFCS" is a true American hero. Perhaps the health of American children will have a chance in the future.