Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Ingredients Matter"

Elevation Burger is a burger chain (mostly in the North East, but also in Florida and soon Texas, too) that prides itself on quality ingredients, emphasizing the organic beef, free of chemicals and antibiotics.  They even state that their beef is the "cleanest and safest" available to consumers.

Truly, they are good.  Based on our dining experience just now, they would certainly rank among the best on the East Coast.  They have a wide range of toppings, use real cheddar cheese, and offer a number of different ways to put the burger together.  Interestingly, they offer a lettuce wrap for customers who want to avoid bread intake.

Well, i love bread.  I mean, i absolutely adore bread.  So why did i choose the lettuce wrap?  Well, i guess i should congratulate the wait staff for actually knowing the answer to my pesky little question:

Do the buns contain high fructose corn syrup?

The answer is: Yes, Elevation Burger buns do contain HFCS.

They care about the fries are cooked, the specifics about the beef are taken very seriously.  But when it comes to their buns, sadly, Elevation Burgers doesn't rise above the crowd.  (sorry, i couldn't resist.)

If they really took their slogan seriously, they wouldn't have used crap quality buns containing HFCS.  They imply their high quality ingredients rival all others.  But In-N-Out, for example, doesn't use buns with HFCS; there's a fresh baked bun for every burger.  Their shakes and special sauce may have HFCS, but the buns are truly top class.

(Slogan/web capture source)

Elevation burger, why do you house your top rate, organic beef in crap quality buns?


  1. Hello, my name is Michael Berger and I am one of the partners at Elevation Burger. Despite the fact that the ingredient labels on our Schmidt bun packages currently say they contain HFCS, this is not the case in actuality. Schmidt recently made the change to natural ingredients in our potato rolls, including swapping in sugar to replace HFCS. I have the updated ingredient list which I would be happy to share. Unfortunately Schmidt will not be releasing new packaging until the next quarter as they try to exhaust the remaining supply of old packaging. I guess when you are a bakery of some size you keep a lot of extra packaging on hand. You can contact me at if you would like me to email a copy of the ingredient list.

  2. Wow, i am impressed. Not only that you replied, but also that Schmidt's has changed their ingredients and also that Elevation Burgers is aware of the shift (and responsive to customer concerns!) Very nice indeed.