Sunday, November 29, 2009

Elated about Elevation Burger

So, that bunless burger i had because I erroneously believed the buns at Elevation Burger contained HFCS just didn't cut it.  I went back on Saturday to try the real thing.  The Elevation Cheeseburger on the Schmidt's potato bread hamburger bun really is worth writing about.  The high quality ingredients make a real difference in the taste.

I'd love to try the "Elevation Sauce," but without knowing the ingredients, i hesitate.  (After the issue with In-N-Out's special sauce, i am pretty cautious.)

The fries at Elevation Burger are also worthy of praise.  They use fresh cut potatoes (so none of that gluten/wheat potato mix that is so common at burger chains), the cook them in olive oil, and use nothing frozen.  I think they even fry them up fresh for each order?

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On a side note, while at the grocery store recently i looked at the package for Schmidt's buns and the ingredient list had indeed been updated and no longer lists HFCS.

Woo hoo!!!!

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