Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Karo and HFCS

In November 2008, Karo introduced Lite Light Corn Syrup, a product that differed from the standard Light Corn syrup in that it not only had fewer calories, but also did not contain HFCS.  The decision, according to the few press releases I located, was due to the public's growing concern with high fructose corn syrup.   (source)

This was good news for people who for whatever reason try to avoid HFCS.  I distinctly recall looking sadly at Karo Light Corn Syrup bottles and seeing the HFCS and not knowing if i could use Dark Corn Syrup (which never contained HFCS) and stil get the same result from the recipe.

Well, I have tried to find out when, but all i can say is: Some time since late 2008, Karo has reformulated their standard Light Corn Syrup; it no longer contains HFCS!

Using cached versions of their old site I found the ingredient listing, which I compared with the new listing on their site:



As far as victories go, this may seem like a small one.  But all i can say is: my thanks to Karo for creating HFCS-free options for its customers. 

Baking cookies and baked goods this holiday season will be an experience that for me will be just a little sweeter....

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