Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Ban of High Fructose Corn Syrup"

Although I do not participate in the Facebook revolution, a recent New York Times article drew my attention to a Facebook page that certainly has had an impact.  With (according to Facebook, "136,815 People Like This") a following of over 120,000 fans, this page has played a role in the recent reversals (with food industry giants removing HFCS from their product lines.)

  For Corn Syrup, the Sweet Talk Gets Harder

Such defenses [such as the Corn Refiners Association citing the handful of people who support their attempts to defend HFCS], however, don’t hold much sway with people like Ivan Royster, 27, who runs Ban of HFCS, a Facebook page that has 120,000 fans. Like many people who get a creepy feeling about high-fructose corn syrup, Mr. Royster points out that it is a highly processed ingredient that was invented in the late 1960s and introduced into the food supply in the ’80s.
In March, his Facebook page lit up after a study from Princeton University gave credence to the idea that high-fructose corn syrup might, in fact, be worse than sugar.
“Our bodies have been adapted over the years to metabolize sugar, which is natural,” Mr. Royster says. “But the body doesn’t know what to do with high-fructose corn syrup.”
Mr Royster is also on Twitter and has a blog

This woman:
probably doesn't like him very much.

Here's hoping Ivan Royster keeps....

"Spreading Awareness And Debunking Myths That Say HFCS Is Good For You"

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