Monday, July 5, 2010

HFCS: There's something wrong with it

Celebrating its 125th birthday, Dr Pepper will switch from HFCS to sugar from roughly now until September.  Is it just a gimmick?  An article from the Associated Press suggests that if this move is successful, it may actually cause headaches for drink manufacturers later...


There seems to be growing demand for it [switching from HFCS to sugar], as evidenced by Pepsi's success with Throwback, even the second time around, he said.
But drink makers are also wary of sending a message that there's anything wrong with high fructose corn syrup.
"In some ways their worst nightmare is that this thing sells through the roof, because then that's telling them something about how consumers feel about their product," he said.

When will our pals from the Corn Refiners Association and Center for Consumer Freedom realize that many consumers really don't want their "corn sugar"?

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  1. 'Dublin Dr. Pepper' never had HFCS in it. Interesting story: