Sunday, July 18, 2010

The joys of international travel

While to many people it may seem like an absurd thing to be joyful about, for me one of the joys of traveling to other countries is not having to worry about HFCS.  Whereas in the US, i order diet soda because of the presence of High Fructose Corn Syrup in almost all non-diet varieties, in most of countries you can recklessly order regular soda!  It's lovely!

The sad thing, though, is that this joy may be fleeting...  Due to the wonders of capitalism and globalization, HFCS is making its way into foreign markets, perniciously slinking in like a pestilence.  With different names for HFCS depending on the country, scrutinizing labels while on international travel will not only become necessary as this trend continues but will also pose some difficulties.  Whether it's called Isoglucose or Glucose Fructose Syrup or some other variety, HFCS is rearing its ugly head in other markets.  Just as a sad example, while on the plane back to the US, i checked the label on the jam packet served with the bread during the breakfast "meal."  The jam was of French origin (not Kraft or Smuckers or some American crap).  No worries then, right?  HFCS in French jam?  No way.

Yes, way.  It was there, listed as Sirop de Fructose-Glucose.

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