Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deleterious effects of fructose?

I am seeing some reports that HFCS, while not great or truly "natural," may partly be a problem due to the fructose; according to some sources, even naturally occurring fructose has deleterious effects due to the way the body digests it (whether one has Fructose Malabsorption or not.)

See, for example:
The ingredient in fizzy drinks causing the damage is fructose, which is highly absorbable in the liver. It does not affect insulin production and goes straight to the liver where it is converted to fat.

More related stories:

A high fructose diet impairs spatial memory in male rats.

Fructose and weight gain has gotten a lot of press:

So, wait, an apple a day (pretty high in fructose...) might not actually keep the doctor away?

hahaha there may even be a link between borborygmi and fructose!

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